AONBs in England

There are 46 AONBs in Britain (33 wholly in England, four wholly in Wales, one that straddles the Anglo-Welsh border and eight in Northern Ireland). In Scotland a comparable designation is the NSA.


Arnside and Silverdale197275 km2 
(29 sq mi)
Blackdown Hills1991370 km2 
(140 sq mi)
Cannock Chase195868 km2 
(26 sq mi)
Chichester Harbour196437 km2 
(14 sq mi)
Chiltern Hills1965833 km2 
(322 sq mi)
Cornwall1959958 km2 
(370 sq mi)
Cotswolds19662,038 km2 
(787 sq mi)
Cranborne Chase and
West Wiltshire Downs
1981983 km2 
(380 sq mi)
Dedham Vale197090 km2 
(35 sq mi)
Dorset19591,129 km2 
(436 sq mi)
East Devon1963268 km2 
(103 sq mi)
Forest of Bowland1964803 km2 
(310 sq mi)
High Weald19831,460 km2 
(560 sq mi)
Howardian Hills1987204 km2 
(79 sq mi)
Isle of Wight1963189 km2 
(73 sq mi)
Isles of Scilly197516 km2 
(6.2 sq mi)
Kent Downs1968878 km2 
(339 sq mi)
Lincolnshire Wolds1973560 km2 
(220 sq mi)
Malvern Hills1959105 km2 
(41 sq mi)
Mendip Hills1972200 km2 
(77 sq mi)
Nidderdale1994603 km2 
(233 sq mi)
Norfolk Coast1968453 km2 
(175 sq mi)
North Devon Coast1959171 km2 
(66 sq mi)
North Pennines19881,983 km2 
(766 sq mi)
Northumberland Coast1958138 km2 
(53 sq mi)
North Wessex Downs19721,730 km2 
(670 sq mi)
Quantock Hills1956
98 km2 
(38 sq mi)
Shropshire Hills1958802 km2 
(310 sq mi)
Solway Coast1964115 km2 
(44 sq mi)
South Devon1960337 km2 
(130 sq mi)
Suffolk Coast
and Heaths
1970403 km2 
(156 sq mi)
Surrey Hills1958422 km2 
(163 sq mi)
Tamar Valley1995190 km2 
(73 sq mi)
Wye Valley
(partly in Wales)
1971326 km2 
(126 sq mi)

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